Jeff takes Mary on a vacation that she's reluctant to go on. They stay in an oddly decorated rustic cabin with no modern amenities. The strange wall hangings, antiques, and minimalist living accommodations aren't the strangest things they have to deal with. Jeff and Mary suffer memory loss and torment after Sarah's trick or treat encounter. Unable to get rid of her, Jeff and Mary try to figure out what's going on through clues left by Sarah.


"Where is She?" is an original script by Jerry Wood.  The first of his attempts to produce and direct a script that he has written and built a set for.  You can follow along with the build process, through Live videos, pictures, and posts on the Zen and Chaos Studios Facebook page.


Producer\Director\Writer : Jerry Wood

Associate Producers: Kathy Wood and R.W. Martin



This is a low budget film. Food and drink will be provided on production days. Pay will be a small stipend. We are currently looking for actors for the roles not cast below:

Jeff: R. W. Martin
Jeff is a tall, skinny, middle aged man with an unsatisfied sweet tooth. He suffers a bit of memory loss after his encounter with Sarah. Jeff is tasked with keeping Sarah occupied to keep her from tormenting Mary. A task he's reluctant to do, because of Sarah's devious nature.

Mary: Sandra Gartner
Mary's a shorter, middle aged woman with an over-satisfied sweet tooth. She selfishly hides her depleting supply of candy that she stole from Sarah; and won't share with Jeff. Mary tries to figure a way out of their predicament by using the clues Sarah leaves behind. She's terrified of Sarah for good reason. Mary lets her selfishness get out of hand.


Sarah: Ellie Ash
Sarah is a blond haired, sweet and innocent, 11 year old little girl that develops a gift for mischief and creating scary Halloween masks. Sarah favors Jeff because he plays with her and torments Mary for hoarding sweets.


Tina: Tina Ash

Tina takes her daughter Sarah trick or treating in their neighborhood. Tina stops to talk to a neighbor and loses sight of Sarah, after cautioning her not to wander off.


Laura: Laura Jenkins

Laura, a neighbor down the street, talks with Tina and Sarah early in the evening.



Cinematographer: Jerry Wood

Production Designers: Chris Lamore, Jerry Wood, & R. W. Martin
Set Dressing: Kathy Wood, R.W. Martin, Scott Lowell, & Jerry Wood

Score and Foley: Jay Blanchard & Jerry Wood

Drone Consultants: Tracy Lord & Ian Pray

Prop Design: Dan Flanders & Craig Stender

Boom Operator\Sound Recorder: Bernard Miller & Jim Greene

Editor: Jerry Wood

Set Photographer: Jim Greene

Videographer: Jay Blanchard



Project Start Date: May 2017

Release Date: April 2020

Filming Location: Essex Junction, VT

Website: www.zacstudios.com



Runtime: approx. 46 min

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Camera: Canon C100 Mark II





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